Best Educational AR Applications for 2020: Learn Physics, Biology and more


The evolving reality has become much better in recent years and has entered the mainstream market with popular games like Pokemon Go. We love AR because it mixes reality with virtual. This combination helps to conceptualize the best things for learning, especially for visual learners who struggle with learning from text.

There are tons of free and paid AR learning apps. We have compiled a list of the top 7 apps from across the Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS users respectively.

AR Travel

Voyage AR is the science of everything. It gives you genres like geography, science, math. It also provides text descriptions of specific topics you choose to learn. It also has a built-in quiz section that makes it easy to analyze how much you have learned.

Download: Google Play

Galileo AR Physics

Galileo AR has a good understanding of physics using AR. Information is provided in short essays written in simple language. These articles cover a variety of topics ranging from dynamics to atomic physics with pictures, animations and 3D models.

Download: App Store

Big Bang A.R.

This application follows a story structure that visualizes the birth of the universe through the Big Bang. Once you have granted location access to the application, you can see that your environment is empty. Subtitles for description are also in use.

Download: Google Play | App Store


Brainapse is an impressive AR application that helps to explore the human anatomical area with the human skull and human brain. You can examine the brain inside and outside the skull in AR mode. You can learn about the work of the brain and its interaction with other parts of the body. The application also includes the skulls of four milestone species of historical significance for the evolution of the human brain. It also provides you with locations for fossil discoveries.

Download: App Store


With this AR application, you can explore the unique life cycle and complex anatomical details of a frog. You can observe the entire life cycle of how it changes from a cell in water to a dotball, a frog and then a fully grown frog. The application allows you to separate the frog in AR mode. It was the 2018 iPad app, and it is available in Russian, Korean, Chinese and many more languages.

Download: App Store

AR Solar family

This application allows you to explore the solar system in AR mode. It shows all of our planets, asteroid belts, stars, galaxies and star eruptions. It is now only available for Android, however, there is word from the developers that they are working on the iOS version of the app.

Download: App Store

A.R. Eye

The application allows you to explore the anatomical part of the human eye in AR mode. It enables reading of different parts of the human eye with a 3D model. It makes the app to enjoy your environment through the eyes of someone who is visually challenged. You can experience five different visual ailments.

Download: Google Play

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