Discover GOQii Vital 4 Exercise Band Release, Pricing & Features In India | Find out the price and features of the GOQii Vital 4 Fitness Band launched in India


Digital Desk, New Delhi. Smart wearable and preventative health brand GOQii (GOQII) has launched their stunning fitness band Vital 4 (Vital 4) in India. In this exercise group, SpO2 with heart rate and blood pressure measurement sensor is provided. It has 24×7 heart rate monitoring and 7 days battery life. The fitness band can be purchased from the official website of Amazon India and the company.

Talking about price, the GOQii Vital 4 fitness band has been launched at a price of Rs 4,999. The band is available in black, purple and red color options. Let us know the characteristics of this exercise group …

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GOQii Key 4 Specifications
The GOQii Vital 4 Fitness Band features an AMOLED display that delivers a resolution of 120×120 pixels. Capable of monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and blood glucose. This fitness band offers 17 fitness modes such as workout, cycling, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, dance, basketball, cricket, yoga, relaxation, sitting, football, climbing, aerobics and jumping rope.

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Apart from this, the fitness band is rated IP68. This means that it is a source of dust and water. It has a battery life of 7 days. The company says it can take 3 to 4 days after the fitness band has run all the activities. This period can be extended to 7 to 8 days after turning off the ‘Continuous Heart Rate Monitor’ and temperature monitor systems. It also includes notifications for music finder, phone finder and other features such as messaging, calling and chat apps.



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