Gets gallery mode for quick access to Google Lens screen shots for Android: Report


Google Lens for Android has received a beta update that adds gallery view to photos. Gallery Display makes it easy to browse screen shots and other images into a smartphone through the Google Lens app. The lens app allows users to analyze live photos in real time, scan QR codes, identify plants and animals, explore locations, copy information and translate text. The new beta version is not a big update, but adds a unique feature that allows you to access all your images quickly and in one place.

Originally discovered by 9to5Google, this feature is only available through the Google Lens beta application (v12.8 or higher) for Android. The new feature is visible in fullscreen mode when a user taps the gallery icon next to the shutter in the form of thumbnails directly from the user via their gallery. After that, the application shows the fullscreen grid of images sorted in folders, the first of which is the screen shots folder. It will first display eight recent screen shots and then the remaining images in another folder. Also, each folder has the ability to expand with the View All button in the upper right corner of the folder.

Google Lens for Android displays all your recent photos in one place
Photo credit: 9to5Google

In other news related to Google Lens, the company announced new features that facilitate online education. The education system helps students by providing solutions to complex problems by clicking on its photo through the app. Furthermore, students can obtain solutions to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) questions by providing possible explanations, understanding a comprehensive step-by-step solution and basic concepts for mathematical equations. It is part of the Google for Education program called The Everywhere School, which integrates the use of Google Meeting, Google Classroom, G Suite and other products.

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