iVoomi i1 Review, iVoomi i1 Review

iVoomi has been in the budget smartphone market in India for less than 1 year. With the trend of thin-edged displays being much preferred by the users, with this in mind Iwumi has introduced new smartphones with 18: 9 aspect ratio. With customers in mind, and with the trend in mind, now in the budget segment, companies offer thin-edged displays. The recently launched Ivomi i1 with Ivomi i1 is priced at just Rs 5,999. Smartphones like the Infocus Vision 3 and Micromax Canvas Infiniti are already available in the market to compete with the iomi i1.

The iWomi i1 is priced at Rs 5,999 with 18: 9 display, fingerprint scanner and dual camera. On paper, the Iowa i1 attracts, is it equally lively and intelligent in terms of smartphone performance? We will give you the answer to this question.

iVoomi i1 design

When you pick up the phone, you will see that it has a 5.45 inch display with 18: 9 aspect ratio. The edges of the phone are thin and there is a lot of effort to give the overall sleek design. Care has been taken to make it easier to hold the phone. On the right side of this smartphone Iumi has given the power and volume buttons, but the unnecessary distance between the two can be avoided.

The iWomi i1 has 2 micro SIM slots and a separate micro SD card slot for which you need to remove the back cover. The cover is not so convenient and you can easily use and remove it. By removing the back cover, you can see its 3000 mAh battery, but you are not given the option to remove it. The phone has a 3.5mm jack and a micro-USB port is also provided above. The mic and speaker of the phone are below. Only one of the two speakers on the bottom works. The second speaker is a show only.

As we mentioned earlier, the iWomi I1 has a dual camera with LED flash and a fingerprint scanner installed below it. The camera is slightly external, so when you place the phone on a flat surface, it will be slightly elevated. There is a metal cover from the sides of the camera that protects the lens in case the phone suddenly falls off. Speaking of the look of the phone, it feels like a plastic body, which is not to say that we get a unique smartphone cheaply.

IVumi i1 Software and Specification

At the 5.45-inch screen you get a resolution of 640×1280 pixels, which is very low and the screen is not as smooth as we expected. We also tell you that other smartphones in this range come with better resolution than the iWomi I1. It uses the MediaTek processor, which is found in most smartphones at a low price. The highest clock speed of the quad core processor is 1.3 GHz. Jugalbandi has 2GB of RAM. The storage is 16GB and if required, you can use a 128GB microSD card.

The Ivy i1 has two cameras on the back. One sensor is 13 megapixels, the other 2 megapixels. For selfie enthusiasts there is an 8 megapixel camera on the front. Speaking of connectivity, this smartphone supports 4G and VoLTE. Apart from this you can also use single band WiFi, Bluetooth and FM radio on this phone.


Didn’t make much changes, the company keeps it on Android Nougat. IVumi has added some colorful icons in the settings app, which gives the phone a different look. To avoid slowing down the process, the phone is integrated with Dura Speed ​​software. With the gesture control feature provided on the phone, you can shake hands and change songs or radio channels within the app.

Other than that, when you pick up the phone when the call comes in, the phone will automatically wake up, as well as disable the call as soon as you turn right. Also, with the 2-finger gesture feature, you can change the wallpaper, although for us these features are not useful to the user, here is your choice and preference.

On the smartphone, you have the option for quick touch, which can be used as a shortcut in the application or settings. You can also change the location of the icons that appear on the screen. To keep you busy in your free time, Iowa Temple offers games like Paradise Dash and Cupcake Dreamland. Apart from this you will already get applications like UC browser, gender, flipcard, Google Duo and iom Maintenance Center installed on the smartphone.

IWoomi i1 performance, camera and battery

Although Iowa i1 uses decent hardware, the performance of the phone is not so great. We found that the performance of the phone stumbles in normal use, however it is not that complicated. The phone will shut down by running heavy applications and games. Not only this, with the help of Shadow Fight 3 you can do wonders for your phone. The loudspeaker is muted when the phone is used in landscape mode, which can overcome a drawback.


The viewing angles are average. We found that most of the games and apps on the phone run in fullscreen mode by default. There is no problem with the updated application to 18: 9 ratios. But the black bar was clearly visible on the edges of some applications. The fingerprint scanner is mostly accurate, but it takes a while for the fingerprint authentication and phone to unlock.

Speaking of battery, the phone battery runs with light usage all day. In our HD Video Loop test, the battery died in 8 hours 12 minutes. The 5 watt charger that comes with the phone is also not very powerful. It took us 3 hours to fully charge the phone’s battery.

Turning to the camera, Iumi did nothing special. Patterns like panorama, video, photo and bokeh are given. The speed of moving from one mode to another inside the camera app is very slow. Auto display detection is also present in this smartphone, but it is very slow in terms of usage. Photos taken with the Ivomi i1’s main camera are below average. The camera takes time to focus. The quality of the landscape photos is not so great and it can be used anywhere else. Macros shots are of better quality than natural mode.


The camera responds in low light and photos are blurred. The bokeh mode of the camera is also not special, it does not seem to be capable of blurring the background. Apart from this, the HDR mode is also slow and the image deteriorates with slight hand shaking. If you take selfies in reasonable light, the quality of the camera is excellent. While the phone’s main camera supports videos up to 720 pixels, the front camera is only capable of supporting scenes up to 480 pixels. However, image stabilization is also provided in the camera, but it is not effective enough to maintain the quality of the video.


This new 18: 9 screen smartphone from Iowa cannot be called the best smartphone in its range. Battery life is good. Due to the display, the phone gets a different identity. But the performance is not so great. Weak camera and slow fingerprint sensor are its two main drawbacks. If you do not like the 18: 9 aspect ratio, the Xiaomi Redmi 5A (Review) or the Tenor D (Review) may be better options for you, as it has better hardware than the iWomi I1. If you like a phone with a thin fringe display on this budget, we advise you to wait.



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