Netflix renews the wonderful lives of Bollywood wives, big day for season 2


Netflix has updated two Indian reality TV series, Wonderful Lives of Bollywood Wives and The Big Day. Both shows will return to their respective seasons 2. Produced by Karan Johar, the amazing Bollywood wives, Neelam Kothari followed Soni, Maheb Kapoor, Seema Khan and Bhavana Pandey through their glamorous careers. Conte Nost India’s The Big Day gave us an overview of India’s multi-billion dollar wedding business. In addition, Netflix India has announced a new reality TV series on social currency from Mumbai-based SOL Production, which will inspire eight social media influencers in real social testing.

Three new Netflix India reality TV announcements were made on Wednesday as part of Netflix’s What’s Next “event, where the world’s largest subscription streaming service released a slate of 41 titles – original series, movies, documentaries, reality TV and stand-up comedy specials – most of which will be released in 2021. .

Netflix India 2021: Announces 41 titles for 13 movies, 15 series and more

Netflix Kota Factory, Jamtara, Match, Masaba Masaba, Little Things, She Updates to New Seasons

Netflix has released 13 Indian films for 2021, with 5 new films by Sonakshi Sinha, Topsy Bannu and others

Netflix releases 15 Indian series for 2021 with 5 new leaders by Raveena Tandon, Madhavan and others

Netflix releases 4 Indian documentaries – by Karan Johar, Leena Yadav, Vice and India Today

More on three Netflix Indian reality TV shows here –

Wonderful life of Bollywood wives Season 2 brings back the quartet, “To turn off the seat belts, the nails come out and the masks (metaphor only) are removed – this is not forbidden. Wait, can they have a brand new company too? Bollywood wives are coming back – with all access card to a world accessible to all. Sauce, Snork, sister. ”

Rithika Bajaj, Uttam Domale and Naomi Dutta are the producers of Dharma Productions’ digital label Dharmatik Entertainment as the directors of Bollywood Wives Season 2’s Awesome Lives.

Big Day: Volume 2
Photo credit: Netflix

Great day Season 2 (“Collection 2” to be precise) presents behind-the-scenes footage of six Indian weddings, showcasing the works that go on display and highlighting the personal struggles and successes of those who take the plunge. Anita Horam Shoraner. Live episodes of Ashish Chawni, Akriti Mehta, Ranak Hathiramani, and Faraz Arif Ansari The Big Day Season 2 Nikita Deshpande is the writer. Big Day is a product of Conte Nost India.

In Social currency, The “influence” of eight popular social media influences is being tested in the real world without their superpowers (their blue ticks and highly followed accounts). In a battle for survival and influence, who is the most ‘desirable’ on and off the phone screens? Chad Grelach is the showrunner and executive producer of the social currency. Sakshi Chopra and Rohi Roy are part of the cast. Social Currency is a product of the SOL product of Basil Alana and Kamna Menisse.



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