Why does Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Season 1 cost $ 465 million?


The Lord of the Rings prequel spin-off series is currently operating on Amazon Prime Video, which revealed last month that it would cost $ 465 million (approximately Rs 3,408 crore) to produce in its first season. In a new interview, Amazon Studios president Jennifer Salke has made it clear that the Lord of the Rings’ astronomical budget requires a “huge world building” – a variety of characters from LOTR to make a “full sequel” that will actually make it to the sequel. About.

Those who follow Amazon’s Lord of the Rings from the beginning will know that this applies to overall plans and ratings that have been known for over three years. In April 2018, it was reported that Amazon had a five-season commitment to The Lord of the Rings prequel series, which would cost more than a billion dollars during that run. It paid $ 250 million (approximately Rs. 1,832 crore) in addition to the Amazon Tolkien estate in November 2017 for mere rights. Since then, Amazon’s LOTR has been the most expensive series of all time.

“It’s the whole season of a big world building show,” Salke told The Hollywood Reporter, when asked about the $ 465 million figure for Season 1 of The Lord of the Rings – the cost that viewers have to come up with to justify Prime Video. “Number is an exotic title or a crazy title, which is fun to click on, but it really creates the infrastructure to sustain the whole series. […] How many people do you need to see the Lord of the Rings? A lot. A huge, global audience needs to show it as meeting television, and we hope it happens. ”

You should also consider that Lord of the Rings Season 1 is not like a generic drama, except that it will set the runway for future seasons at $ 464 million. Season 1 of The Lord of the Rings will have 20 episodes, while the biggest budget event TV shows, such as Game of Thrones, The Montorion, The Crown, and The Balkan and Winter Soldier, run between six and 10 episodes a season. It’s like two throne seasons or three seasons of the Marvel series. When you consider that an episode would cost $ 15-25 million (approximately Rs. 109–183 crore), LOTR’s budget is a little more understandable.

But then again, they had stars returning in the lead roles. Game of Thrones would later cost $ 15 million per episode. Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings is costing more than it was in the beginning. What is it because its stars change household names deep in its flow?

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