Zooming Exhaustion Real: Platform CEO Eric Juan admits he was the victim


Zoom CEO Eric Juan acknowledged that zoom fatigue can be caused by working from home due to infection-induced restrictions. Since the onset of the corona virus epidemic last year, most people in the service sector have been working remotely, leading to intermittent video calls and online encounters, resulting in fatigue and burnout. Many top executives of large companies now say they can reconsider work from home in the coming weeks as their executives back down against the idea of ​​working remotely. The problem is so pervasive that Zoom founder and CEO Juan even admitted that he personally experienced fatigue due to endless virtual encounters on the video conferencing platform.

Juan, the CEO of the Wall Street Journal, who spoke almost at the council summit, had to attend 19 consecutive zoom meetings last year, so he was very tired. Juan added that he had stopped back-to-back meetings, which was convenient for him.

His sentiments were echoed by JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who said he had been in office for several months and had decided to re-employ his staff. He said most of his staff have been back in office since May, but many are not happy about it.

Yuan said he would like to re-employ his staff two days a week.

Many Twitter users shared their experiences due to the continuous video encounters.

People need to pay constant attention to video conferencing, which leads to fatigue. Experts recommend taking a short break after each appointment to rejuvenate the mind. A recent Stanford University study found that women experience more zoom fatigue than men. According to research, about 14 percent of women in their sample reported being very tired, compared to less than six percent of men.

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