Monday, July 26th, 2021

Battlefields Mobile India First Posts: PUBG Mobile Similarities and Differences

Battlefields Mobile India Early Access came live on Thursday and the game is available in beta via Google Play. We were able to get our hands on it and play a full match. Battlefields Mobile India is basically clear that PUBG is mobile with minor changes, which we will come to a little bit. Since the open beta will be available shortly before the previously expected June 18 release date, we do not know how long this beta phase will last or what the release date will be. Here are the first posts of Battlefields Mobile India’s Early Access Framework.

If you are a PUBG mobile fan, when Battlefields Mobile India opens on your Android device everything will be known. After signing in with your previous PUBG Mobile credentials or creating an account, we welcome you with the same home screen and background music as PUBG Mobile. The best feature is that you can transfer your game data from PUBG mobile. We will publish soon how to do it. Interestingly, there were triggers to ask if the player is over 18 and if they are in India, unfortunately at this point you can answer ‘yes’ without any verification.

With the theme of Season 19’s Travers – Insectoid we immediately jumped into the Orange, listening to safe gaming stories that say it’s a simulation that does not represent real life and does not play for long. This seems to happen every time you start a match – it can be a little annoying, but it can also be a much-needed reminder during long sessions. Surprisingly, this match was full of bots and we could not find a real player. It was like the early days of PUBG mobile again and again.

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Battlefield Intercontinental Map Mobile India is similar to the PUBG mobile in that you carry familiar weapons and equipment, using the same customizable controls. One advantage of being exclusive to India was that it was a quick and smooth experience without any setbacks, frame drops or ping issues. Experience may change a bit when real players are on the same server.

Battlefields Mobile India brings back the overall appeal of the same maps, the same weapons, game mechanics and PUBG Mobile, besides, it has been redesigned for Indian users. It makes a few small changes. Blood in the game is now green instead of red. The top left shows the number of players ‘alive’ and the number of players you ‘killed’, now ‘alive’ and ‘done’. Another move in the name of security? Battlefields Mobile India cannot select your server because the option is disabled. It is unclear whether this option will be available in the future.

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As mentioned, for a small number of users, Cropton on Thursday opened the beta test for Battlefields Mobile India, and we were able to gain access to the game.

Battlefields Mobile India took up 6.06GB of storage on the device we tested (OnePlus 7 Pro) and is in version 1.4.0. This requires permission to access the phone’s storage, and no other permission is required. If you use a game chat, it will ask permission for the microphone. For now, Crofton has not shared a release date for the game, and it is unclear how long it will be in the open beta phase.


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