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PUBG Mobile is a world sensation because it offers intense gameplay on mobile devices. The popular battle royale title, like any other game, has its share of troubles with the hackers. But if you are looking for PUBG Mobile hacks to achieve a bonus over different players, here’s why it might be a terrible idea.

PUBG Mobile has cracked the whip attempting to keep up order among its recreation community. In a bid to market truthful gameplay, Tencent Developers are ban players  cheat within the game exploitation third party apps or hacks.

How it Works ?

Supposed you are wandering in the game in search of loots,enemies and supply drops . A flying car comes in front of you and they kill you . You didn’t understood what is going on there. It clears that your enemies are using some cheats.

Everyone is attempting to be a far-famed in pubg mobile. Someone is complete the achievements.someone purchase royal pass. Somone is getting famous with their own skill.

But they not trying that understand that it will affect gaming community due to their greed of being in  Top list. Nowdays most of top players in the server us cheats to get higher kills, Chicken Dinners .

People who not played well .they do not try playing with whether it is win or lose. they don’t try hard . And using hacks. Doing cheating kill the all servers for their own satisfaction.i will be the conqueror the pubg whole server by getting greater kills.

Cheating-> get a high kills->rank push->famous

Every player is copy the other players .thinking he grows by using hacks .they will also use hacks/cheats.

Features of these hacks

Using cheats on the pubg mobile ,you can do below things :

  • Aim Bot
  • Wall Hack
  • Speed Run
  • High jump
  • Car Fly
  • Car speed
  • Magic Bullets
  • God View
  • Fast landing
  • Remove grass
  • Color Change
  • Car Teleport
  • Car Fly
  • No Recoil
  • ESP


Tools used to cheat in PUBG mobile

Hackers use hacks to level up the tier. From the recent changes in pubg mobile, several players have started exploitation hacks and fewer steps taken to prevent them. Nowdays you can buy any hack at just 500rs, many people have took this as their business, you can find many pages on Instagram where you can buy or learn them.

For Tancent Gaming Buddy Emulator

It is an Official Android Emulator that is launched by Tancent, the company who  developed PUBG MOBILE. It is a solution to play mobile games in pc without any problem. Now its upgraded to Gameloop . 

Hacks do not work in the gameloop emulator,so it is required to downgrade the emulator gameloop to Tancent Gaming Buddy. So players downgrade the Gameloop, replace UI files and then run hacks.

Some hacks of PC

  • VnHAX
  • SS Safe Hack
  • Project Cerebrus to bypass emulator
  • Dego Hack
  • Sinky
  • Fendi
  • Creation

Hacks for Android Phones

Hacks are not limited to Emulator users, Mobile users also use it, achieve higher number of kills in the game . It works for rooted devices as well as non-rooted Devices. It varies from mobile to mobile as there are different types of phones and some features works.some don’t works.

So how it works and which tools are used are given below:

  • A virtual space like Dual Space
  • Game Guardian app
  • Xposed Module
  • IMIE Changer
  • Vpn
  • AntiBan Files
  • Lua script for Game Guardian app

Chances of getting Banned

There will be a question in your mind that will I get banned if i am using the stuffs listed above ? The answer is yes. Now many people provide hacks that your account will banned . i works for a couple of days,but it won’t work for lifetime. People reports hackers and Tancent teams reviews it,they try to know where is mistake and they patch it . After that if that hack is used again they ban accounts.



So my opinion is that do not use hacks. Please play fairly so that people who are doing hardwork don’t get depressed . If you like my article,please do a share and comment down your queries .


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