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Coolpad Max Review

Coochpad entered India a year ago in partnership with Tyson. But the alliance broke down a month later. After this, the paths of the two Chinese companies diverged. Today, the company we know as Coolpad focuses only on the less than Rs 10,000 segment in the market. Coolpad Note 3 and its two variants have been introduced in the market. Launched at a high price of Rs 24,999, Coolpad can be called Max’s ambitious plan and is a step towards offering premium phones.

Like all variants of the Note 3, the Coolpad Max makes every effort to prove that it is a premium smartphone. What are the features of the Coolpad Max smartphone that comes in a beautiful box with metal body, curved edge glass, excellent specifications and accessories? Let’s review this new smartphone from Coolpad today.

Look and design
Coolpad Max comes in a beautiful box printed with gold lettering. You can remove this phone from its tray by sliding the box. Below this, you will find accessories in several black boxes. With the phone you will get a quick charge support charger, a flat USB cable, wired headset, plastic case, screen protector and SIM ejector pin. It has been introduced with this box to take home as a premium smartphone to attract customers.

The effect of the recently launched Apple and HTC smartphones can be seen in this Coolpad device. Our review unit is Royal Gold Color. Apart from this, this phone is also available in Rose Gold color variants. But its natural gray variant has not been introduced in India, which may disappoint some customers. This design is used in the most affordable Android smartphones nowadays. Gorilla Class 4 is provided for security on the front of the phone. The glass is very reflective and shines on the side of the phone every time the phone is turned on, which is a bit annoying. Above the screen are the earpiece grille, front camera and sensor window, while the space below is empty. The navigation buttons are on the screen.

The phone has a power button and a hybrid SIM / microSD card on the right. One has to choose between a SIM in the phone and a SIM or microSD card. The volume buttons are provided on the left. There is a 3.5mm audio socket on the top and a micro-USB port on the bottom, which is surrounded by two grills. Only one of them is a speaker.

The back panel of the phone is made of matte metal, which gives a nice feel, but it has a big white sticker pasted on it, which provides regulatory information. Our review unit was bent, which caused the entire look of the phone to be ruined. Above the sticker is given a circular fingerprint sensor with a bright ring around it. On the top right of the back is a camera with a two-tone flash on one side and a hole for the mic on the other.

Very convenient to hold the phone, however it could have been improved by rounding the edges a little more. The phone is slightly heavier and weighs 170 grams. The back of the phone is slightly slippery. In the case of plastic protection, we felt very good at holding the phone. Overall, the Coolpad Max is definitely a premium looking smartphone but not the most attractive phone to come at this price.

Also known as Coolpad Max Coolpad A8. This phone is available in different hardware in different countries. Our review unit is a variant introduced in India with 1.5 GHz octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. At this price, the processor can be said to be a bit weak, but the storage and RAM are better than expected.

This phone with 5.5 inch screen with 1080×1920 pixel resolution is good these days according to this price phone. The Coolpad Max features a 13-megapixel rear camera with dual-tone flash and phase-detection autofocus. The front camera is 5 megapixels. Both cameras can record up to 1080 pixels. The phone has a 2800 mAh battery which is non-removable. The battery supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology and the company guarantees that you can get 3 hours of talk time in 5 minutes of charging.

This phone has Indian Band 3 and 40 LTE support on both SIMs. For connectivity, WiFi AC, Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS, FM radio and USB OTG are provided. You can only maximize the 64GB storage from the microSD card in the phone. Coolpad Max does not have the infrared support found on NFC and other phones.

Overall, the Coolpad Max has strong specifications except for the processor. The processor given in Coolpad Max is offered in the phones that come in low price today. This Coolpad phone can give stiff competition to most of the flagship smartphones available today at a price of over Rs 40,000. Coolpad believes that Max software features, design and layout will attract customers. However, if you are looking for 4K video recording and 3D game features, you should find another way to do just that.

Coolpad’s Cool UI can do a lot of customization via Android 5.1 Lollipop. It has some nice features and some weird features. Initially the default skin was completely sepia-tone based, which is somewhat similar to the golden body, but it is very difficult to identify the application icon. We didn’t like this look of the phone and had to go to the theme app to get something better. All usage icons and visits are given below the homescreen, and unlike other Coolpad devices, this phone does not have ‘traditional mode’ with the app drawer. In addition, there are some confusing text labels as they are translated from Chinese to English.

The phone’s dialer, contact list and messaging function are integrated into a single application with a tab interface. This is not a big issue, but a little weird to use for the first time. The phone has a default keyboard touchpad 2015, which comes with all the preset pieces, fullscreen mode and custom T9 layout. Apart from this, Google’s Hindi / Hinglish keyboard is also available.

Some pre-installed apps also come with the phone. Cool Manager can perform tasks such as RAM emptying, data usage detection, power consumption monitoring, and usage permit changes. In addition, select collars can also be blocked. You can lock apps with fingerprints and call an authorized service center from the map with an app called Cool Service.

There are some other fun little features in the settings app. By enabling split-screen mode, you can run an app in two independent frames. Additionally, you can change the color and layout of the screen navigation buttons. If you feel that the screen is too large to be reached by your finger at once, you can activate the float button, which brings up a circular menu that offers several control options. Zen mode has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature table, which can be removed for required contacts or alerts.

One thing that bothers you a little is that personal things cannot be easily protected by passcode or fingerprint. The Space Management section of the Settings app is protected, from which you can hide the dock icon and the Quick Settings bar. After this, you can go to the fingerprint management application and register your fingerprint.

Talk about Samsung, BlackBerry and Nokia, they used such a feature to keep the user’s work and personal data separate. This feature implemented by Coolpot seems to have been brought in for more private data protection than corporate data protection. This feature is based on the graphite software developer’s secure location. But it does not have all the features.

Coolpad Max gives the best response in most places, but it gets very hot when used for a long time. The phone starts to warm up after a while even during normal use. Everything works fine on the phone, but holding the phone while playing the game is not comfortable. Other than that, the phone works better everywhere.

The screen of the phone is sharp and bright and the colors are very effective. You can enjoy games and movies better than reflecting on the edges of the screen. For normal use, the speaker is very loud and the headset that comes with the phone (which sounds like Apple’s earpiece) is pretty good in terms of music.

The fingerprint reader on the phone works very fast, but it does not give the correct answer every time. This will work when you try a second time rather than the first time. It takes about 10 seconds to switch between breaks, and Coolpad claims that the licensed company has less impact on performance. With personal space, we did not find any significant difference in the performance of the phone.

During the benchmarking test, decent numbers were obtained from the phone. The graphics score was a bit weak. In addition, similar figures were found for the recently launched low-cost Lenovo Juke Z1 (review) and Moto G4 Plus (review).

Coolpad Max’s camera is very good, women pictures come clean and quiet. Along with this, the system also gets better. Field effects in close-up shots also come with depth. But there is a problem with locking the focus, which led to unsightly pictures taken even in good light. You can take good pictures from the phone even in low light. The issue of the strain of Lakhir photos also occurs here. Video recorded at 1080 pixels is decent, but looks a bit dull.

In our video loop test, the phone battery lasted 8 hours 41 minutes. During normal use, we were able to run the phone for a day, and the quick charge feature was very useful. You do not need to charge the phone all day and the whole phone will be charged in a few minutes.

Our decision
Coolpad definitely wants to strengthen its penetration in India. Coolpad Max is a good phone but its high heat and high price is a big problem. The price of the phone may be high due to the unique space feature and design.

The personal space feature is good, but there is no privacy solution on the phone, so when the IT administrator in your office manages important information and policy, it can manage your personal data.

Speaking of features, you will get better features than the same price for the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) (Review) on this phone. The biggest problem is getting the same features on other phones at a lower price even if their appearance is not premium. If you want to spend better features and good money, you can opt for Coolpad Max, but if you think you can live without the unique feature of Coolpad Max, you can save some money.


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