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Coolpad Note 3 Plus Review

The Coolpad Note 3 (review) that was introduced in October last year caught our attention. The phone, which comes with a perfect fingerprint sensor for Rs 8,499, caught everyone’s attention. The Coolpad Note 3 Lite (review) was launched soon and had good specifications with the Coolpad Note 3 Lite fingerprint sensor.

Now Coolpad has introduced the third variant Coolpad Note 3 Plus. The company has launched this smartphone at a price of only Rs 8,999. The original price of the Coolpad Note 3 was the same as before the price was reduced. This phone is a little different from the previous Coolpad specifications, which is different from the old phone. Today we will review the Coolpad Note 3 Plus and learn about its advantages and disadvantages.

Look and design
Two key differences can be clearly seen in the Coolpad Note 3 and Note 3 Plus. The new Coolpad Note 3 Plus is slightly heavier and has a full HD screen, while the Coolpad Note 3 screen resolution is 720×1280 pixels. Other than that, the Coolpad Note 3 Plus comes with the new Coolpad logo, but it does not affect other specifications or features of the phone. Other than that, there is no difference between the Coolpad Note 3 Plus and the Note 3.

The Coolpad Note 3 Plus is a great phone available for Rs 8,999. Due to the edge-to-edge screen, the front of the phone is very nice. Although a black border can be seen on both sides when viewed closely, it does not have much effect. In addition, the metal strip on the front (champagne gold in our review section) makes the phone look sharper and better.

Although made of plastic, the Coolpad Note 3 is heavy when held in the hand. Coming with a 5.5-inch screen, this phone is already in the tablet segment, but its extra weight makes the phone add to the tablet segment. If you like the big screen, this is not a bad thing. Other than that, the layout is similar to the previous phone, with a power button on the right, a volume button on the left, a 3.5mm socket on the top and a micro-USB port on the bottom. Camera, flash and fingerprint sensor and speakers are provided on the back. Capacity is not a button backlink, it would have been nice if these buttons were on the screen.

The biggest improvement on this new Coolpad Note has been on display. The Note 3 Plus has a 5.5-inch full HD IPS screen, which is sharper than previous phones. Photos, videos and games can be viewed with great experience in this scene. However, it is not as shiny and vibrant as we would like. The colors are a bit dull. But most devices that come at this price do not have a full HD screen, so it can be said that the screen of the Note 3 Plus is much better.

Specification and software
The similarities between the Note 3 Plus and the Note 3 continue here as well. The new device has the same specifications of the old phone. But, during a review of the Note 3 that started in October, it can be said that this hardware is good, but now it looks a little old. Nowadays, most of the smartphones that come now do not have the MediaTek MT6753 processor. Instead, smartphone manufacturers are using new and powerful MediaTek and Qualcomm processors.

As before, the Coolpad Note 3 Plus has 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Coming with dual SIM support, this smartphone can expand its storage (up to 64GB) with the help of a microSD card. The phone has a 3000 mAh battery. Both SIM slots support FDT-Band 3 and DDT-Band 40 over 4G connectivity. Priced at Rs 8,999, the specifications of this smartphone are very good.

The Coolpad Note 3 Plus runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop, with CoolUI 6.0 on top of the skin. The phone uses the same UI as the Note 3. Due to the poor translation from Chinese to English, many of the words in the system are very weird and we saw the whole interface cartoon as a whole. The interface is single layer, but you can enable a ‘traditional’ mode, which converts the interface to double layer with a dedicated utility shelf. The interface works without any problems, but the skin does not appear to be polished.

The old character is also found in the setup application and netting shade. This phone has Coolpad’s Explore keyboard with Yahoo search and tracking integration. If you are looking for a phone whose interface is very clear, the Coolpad Note 3 Plus is not for you.

The fingerprint sensor is very accurate and in most cases operates only once. You can open the phone by placing your finger at any angle. Five fingerprint scanners can be stored on the handset. You can also determine which fingerprint is allowed to open the app, call and take photos.

The Coolpad Note 3 Plus has the same camera as the previous phone. Camera performance is also predictable. The 13-megapixel rear camera with single-tone LED flash captures landscapes and macros in detail in natural light. However, we realized that there was no sharpness in the close-up shot. Noise was high in pictures taken indoors and in low light. The panoramas are easy to sew and their quality is good.

Good pictures come from the camera in good light. When looking at the phone, the photos are vibrant and sharp. But the pictures scatter on the big screen, and the colors fade. But the camera is good for the price and the buyer of the phone with this price will like it. The 5 megapixel front camera is useful for taking selfies, but only during the day.

You can record videos of 1080 pixels and their quality is good. The camera usage is the same as before and not so good, there is not even a way to change it. However, its interface is simple and easy to use.

However, this phone runs on the old MediaTek MT6753 processor, but the performance of the phone is good. The phone works well as it has 3GB RAM.

You can easily play games like Sky Safari 2. The phone has no problem playing games like Dead Trigger 2. We don’t have much trouble doing multitasking. 1.8GB RAM is available at all times. When playing the game and working for a long time, the phone gets a little hot, but not uncomfortable to use. No problem even when watching videos on the phone.

Note 3 Lite Plus gave good results in benchmark testing as well as its previous phone. But the graphic figures were a bit bad because of the high resolution screen.

After upgrading to full HD screen, the battery capacity of the phone is low. The 3000 mAh battery in our video loop test lasted 10 hours 12 minutes. During normal use, the phone was able to operate easily throughout the day. Call quality is good and we have not encountered any problems even on 4G network. Sound quality is also better than a single speaker.

Our decision
There is nothing to say that the Coolpad Note 3 Plus smartphone has added some new features to the Coolpad Note series. It seems that the company has introduced this product only with the intention of launching a new product. Featuring a high resolution screen and fingerprint sensor, the smartphone will compete in the segment of less than Rs 10,000. But its strange interface may disappoint some customers.

The Coolpad Note 3 Plus is an excellent package that has good features for the price. The phone has a decent screen, excellent camera and quick and accurate fingerprint sensor. However, despite all this, it is not the best handset in its segment. In such a situation, you need to determine which feature and specification you need the most.


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