How to get rangoli in Google pay ? How to get Flower in google pay ? Get 251 rupees in Google pay Diwali offer . A lot of people are sending these types of links  on social media i.e. Whatsapp, Facebook ,messenger . Everyone is searching for Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay . In today’s tutorial I will tell you how to get it easily .

How to get rangoli or flower ?

Google pay is a mobile app that allows to send or receive money in India via UPI (Unified Payment Interface) . This app is widely used in India for payments. This app introduce a lot of offers during every festive seasons . In this Diwali Festival ,Google pay is giving Cashback of 251 inr to users if they collect 5 diwali stamps named as Jhumka,Flower,Diya,Latern and Rangoli .

If we collect all these stamps ,we will get 251 in our bank account and also 1 lucky user will get cashback upto 1 lac inr.

Method 1 : Pay 35 inr to a business

For this method you have to pay 35 inr to any business like recharge ,bill payment etc to get a diwali stamp. You can save your 35 inr by following small trick .

  1. Open Paytm app
  2. Tap on Add money
  3. Enter amount 35 inr or greater
  4. Click on Proceed
  5. Now select Bhim upi  and then choose Google Pay
  6. Do payment
  7. Now you will get a diwali stamp for free

Method 2 :  Diwali Scanner

Google pay is also giving stamp via scanning some Diwali objects like Crackers, rangoli, diya etc. You have to open app and then open diwali scanner ,scan any object . As a result  ,you will get a Diwali stamp. You don’t have enough time to scan new object,so follow steps below and save your time.

  1. Open your laptop or PC or another device
  2. Open any web browser and search for  objects  mentioned in the app
  3. Download images and scan it
  4. Finally you will get a stamp

Method 3 : Gift Diwali Stamps you have

You can also get diwali stamps by sending that stamps that you have.  Give it to a friend that he need or ask for a stamp that you need from him. You can also share random stamps to get a new one on every sharing. If you find a lot of people who do mutual sharing then you can get  stamps easily.

If you can’t find people , just open your contacts and look for people whom you didn’t shared stamps yet. Send them a gift and get a reward .

Note :  You will get maximum 1 stamp per person either you send gift or receive a gift because both side reward is given.

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Chance to get 210 rupees reward

This Diwali  festival offer Google pay is offering 210 if someone is signing up through your link. He have to link bank account and then do a payment or transaction of any amount. You will get 210 inr in you bank and he will get 21 inr in bank. As there are no wallet in Google Pay, so that amount is directly credited in bank account .

Note :  This offer is only available in India.





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