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Life F1 Review in Hindi, Life Review F1

We continue to see Reliance retail Life brand smartphones in the market. Life has introduced smartphones ranging from entry level to mid-range. The advantage of buying them compared to other smartphones is that the Geo SIM card is also available with them. With this, customers will be able to use LTE data and Geo’s streaming service for free, for which, until March 2017, there is no cost.

Today, let’s review the Life F1 smartphone. This smartphone was introduced with the intention of competing with the Lenovo K5 Note and the Moto G4 (Review). At the launch event, we liked this phone with a slight pause with it. Today, do we know if the price of the phone is reasonable?

Life F1 design and layout
Life F1 is made of plastic, due to which it feels very light on the hand. Despite the plastic body, the overall finish and fit of the phone is good. There is no flexion or cracking in the body compression, but the material can still be improved. The look of the phone is easy and the layout on the back makes it a little more beautiful. The Life F1 is a slim phone with a thickness of 7.9 millimeters.

This phone has a 5.5 inch full HD screen and the brightness is nice. The text also looks sharp. Color reproduction is good and there is also Corning Gorilla Glass for protection. A power and volume buttons are provided on the right side of the phone. The phone has two SIM card slots and a separate microSD card (up to 128GB) slot. Above is a headphone jack and below is a micro-USB port.


Upstairs is a camera module on the back and a speaker on the bottom. It is disappointing that the phone does not have a fingerprint sensor. In the box you will find an ear headset, power adapter, long USB cable and SIM ejector kit.

Life F1 has a good design and is easy to use. There is a nice grip from the back of the phone. The phone is easy to use with one hand due to its display. Other than that, the camera is not engraved on the back either.

Life F1 specification and feature
The Life F1 has an octa core Snapdragon processor. The phone has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Apart from this, the phone has connectivity features like WiFi P / G / N, Bluetooth 4.1, USB OTG, GPS, FM Radio and 4G VoltE. In addition, the F1 has some sensors, such as a gyroscope.

The phone runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, which is why these things are so good. Reliance has launched the Geo App Suite which includes Geo Money and Geo Play on this phone. To use these applications, you need an account or if you are using a Geo SIM, you can skip this process. Due to life safety, you can manage service centers, call a helpline and do direct service near you.

With the Smart Tray app you can create shortcuts for up to 15 apps and drag them down from the screen. An application called Smart Ring sets the volume of incoming calls based on muted or ambient sound. In our experience, this is a win or miss rating. The video player can play two videos simultaneously. But we feel that there is no need for such a feature.


Smart Play allows you to pause videos when you are not watching on screen. For this, the app monitors your head more than your eyes, which means that if you lift your head up while watching the video, it will tell you to pause the video. Apart from this, other pre-loaded apps like BeautyPlus Me, Yatra and Amazon are also available.

Life F1 supports RCS or Rich Communication service on the Geo network. It is the official GSM Association program that enhances the message, voice and video calling features and can share multimedia content, contacts, etc. during the call. Currently, the only network that offers this feature is the Geo Network. But soon this feature will be available to operators across the country.

Life F1 performance
The general performance of the phone is good and we have no major issues during our review. The key specification of the phone and the Marshmallow UI ensures that the performance and multitasking are good. The good thing is that the phone does not overheat, but it does get a little hot when using the camera or playing for a long time. Games like SFALT 8 run smoothly on the phone without any problems. The standardization test found decent statistics on the phone.

Life F1 also has a good media background experience. Videos up to 1080 pixels can be easily played on the phone. When placed in shallow space, the speaker is very loud, but if not placed in shallow space, the sound sounds weak. The audio quality of the headset that comes with the phone also comes in well.


Speaking of the camera, the F1 has a 16-megapixel rear camera with PTAF, while the front camera supports 8-megapixel autofocus. In daylight, images come with detail and good color, although images taken from a distance are less detailed. Autofocus is fast. The front camera offers a nice selfie.

However, color noise can be seen in pictures taken in low light, especially in low light areas. Quality does not come well with flash. The front camera works very well under such conditions. Focus speed decreases in low light, making selfie a bit difficult.


The camera app is easy to use and we loved its interface. There is no professional mode in the camera app, but you can adjust the IS, exposure and white balance by going to Settings. The app also has some advanced shooting options like Multiple Shot, Refocus, Chroma Flash, Optic Zoom and Low Light Photography. With the exception of Chroma Flash, it is difficult to distinguish photos taken in different ways. Taking photos with reuse mode will give you the option to select different focus points, but there is really no change.

The camera can record up to a maximum of 1080 pixels, and the quality is much better during the day. The video confirmation feature helps a lot.

The 3200 mAh battery in our HD Video Loop test lasted 10 hours 57 minutes, which is good. During regular use, I was able to easily operate the phone for more than a day. The battery charges fast and the phone charges up to 45 percent in an hour.

Our decision
At Rs 13,999, we think the Life F1 is a great option. This phone is available in Reliance Digital Store with some great offers and freebies. Apart from this, you can also get an additional one year warranty by registering with the Life Care app on the phone. For us, the lack of a plastic body, average camera performance and fingerprint sensor are its drawbacks.

Apart from these shortcomings, the performance of the Life F1 is good. It has sharp display, good CPU power, long battery life, stock Android and Geo service for free till March 31st.

If you want to buy Geo or switch to this network, Life F1 would be a good choice if you do not have a 4G smartphone.


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