Monday, July 26th, 2021

Pokemon Unite is a new Moba game coming to Nintendo Switch in July; Android, iOS release September

Pokemon Unite is the new MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battlefield) game coming to Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. This is the first game of its kind set in the Pokemon universe. Pokemon Unite was first announced in June last year and has now finally reached a release deadline. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch next month and on Android and iOS in September. A short trailer was also shared on the game’s official YouTube channel, which shows footage of the game.

Pokemon United will bring 5-to-5 team battles in one arena, an organization familiar to MOBA players. A common match involves capturing the wild Pokemon, leveling and upgrading your Pokemon and defeating your opponent who tries to do so. You need to get more points than the opposing team within the allotted time to win. The trailer shows some unique Pokemon abilities, as well as LAN and Jungle gameplay.

For now, it has a list of 19 Pokemon and developers will add more in the future. There will be 15 types of health items that will enhance Pokmon statistics. There are also various war materials that players or coaches can use to support their Pokemon. Defeating the wild Pokமொmon requires Aios to collect energy and deposit it in enemy target zones. In the end the team with the most deposit points wins.

The game is produced by The Pokemon Company and Timmy Studios of Tencent Games. It will be released on the Nintendo Switch next month, though there is no exact release date. Android and iOS users will be able to enjoy it from September. Pokemon Unite supports cross-platform gaming between switches and mobile devices. It will add support for French, German, Italian and Spanish later this year.

In addition, The Virgin reports that Pokemon Unit supports cross progress, meaning players can use their Pokemon Training Club account or Nintendo account on multiple devices and retain the progress they have made on any device.

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