Monday, July 26th, 2021

PUBG Mobile India Avatar Battlefields Login requires OTP Authorization

Battlefields Mobile India has updated its support page to inform players about the game’s OTP authentication, indicating how players will log in. At this point, it appears that the only way to enter Battlefields Mobile India would be OTP authentication. This is a change from PUBG Mobile’s many login methods, including Facebook, Google Play or guest accounts. Battlefields Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, which has no release date yet.

South Korean developer Cropton Battlefields has added a section on “OTP Authentication Rules” section on the Mobile India support page, which outlines some general guidelines for how often a user can request OTP, OTP validity, and more. This development suggests that users can log in to Battlefields Mobile India by sharing their mobile number and obtaining an OTP to verify their account. For now, this is the only way to sign in.

Update: Cropton has pulled the support page. We have updated the link for an archive snapshot (see below).

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Details on Battlefields Mobile India OTP Accreditation found on the Krapton website
Photo credit: Google Web Cache / Crapton

Battlefields Mobile India website states that a user can enter a ‘verification code’ three times, after which it will not work. The verification code is valid for five minutes before expiration, and players can request the code 10 times before being banned from doing so for 24 hours. A phone number can register up to 10 accounts.

PUBG Mobile was banned in the country in September last year. Battlefields Mobile India basically offers the same Battle Royale experience, which comes with some changes for the Indian audience. PUBG Mobile allows players to sign in using social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as Google Play and Guest Login. Note that the guest login option was removed in August 2019.

This raises some concerns about data migration from PUBG Mobile to Battlefields Mobile India. Although Krapton has not officially confirmed whether PUBG mobile players in India will be able to transfer their data to Battlefields Mobile India, Godnixon, a PUBG mobile influence, has released a video on its YouTube channel. But, now that the login method looks different, it is not clear whether the data migration is still true. Although Krapton only explains OTP authentication on its Battlefields Mobile India support page, this is not the only way to log in as Facebook and other options may come back.


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