Hello guys , You are search on web pubg mobile tips , pubg strategy , pubg tips and tricks , how to get better at pubg , how to get good at pubg , how to play pubg mobile, and a lot of terms to get Chicken Dinner in every match . Today I am sharing my personal strategies which I follow in PUBG Mobile .

Pro PUBG Mobile Tips

Since PUBG mobile entered in android market , it covered a vast portion of gaming community . It composites of a lot of gaming features like shooting first person third person car driving , multiplayer online games  and many more . So this is the main  reason why Pubg mobile is famous and lovable to all players. A well-known company Tancent Games developed this game . Don’t waste time, so lets move to tips now .

Perfect Landing on Ground

We have to jump from plane having 100 player and have to pickup guns,bags,med and start killing enemies . But before landing ,if we follow some simple ideas ,we can have perfect landing .

pubg mobile tips infographic

Game play Mood

We know that many players play for pushing tier to crown ,ace or conqueror ,while many for increasing KD . Also many player just play for fun . So decide which type of game play you want to play .

For my opinion , you should play for increasing kill ratio because many players do camping and win match by doing last kill. But it don’t mean they are good player . Player who have  good kill ratio are liked by people.

Decide a Good Landing Location

If you want to be a good player with good kill ratio , my suggestion is to choose places where a lot of players come. It will increase your movements,also you have a better response time.

Mark Location on Map

Suppose you want to jump on a place and you forget and move away from that place. So your teammates will reminder you to jump. It is very helpful in jumping and going to place before others .

Land Diagonally to the Mark

We have learn Pythagoras theorem in our school studies . It is very helpful because going diagonally to the place have short distance than going to corner to corner.

For example : If we goto to mark then jump, we have to cover distance to mark plus distance of height. If we jump diagonally, we will move directly to the mark.

To jump diagonally, just do normal jump and move downwards. Then and pull movement to left side .

Jump Before 750 meters from Mark

After we put mark on the mini map , it starts showing the distance between you and place. When it show 750 meter , then press the jump button and start sliding down to mark.

You will have following advantages  :


  • Your will reach first .
  • You will take less time for landing
  • You can loot guns and kill enemies in air before they land.

PUBG Mobile Tips

Check Enemies Around You in Air


Now before landing , you should look your surroundings because if more people came to that place there will be less loot , probable you can be killed. So using free look  feature jump on clear place.

Jump on Containers or Buildings

So you will find a lot of places below to jump and gather loot. Most people jump on ground directly and find guns . So crowd go to ground floor, isn’t  any loot on upper floors ? If your answer is yes ,lemme explain some benefits :

  • You will loot alone
  • Have high place ,so you can get kill enemies easily
  • Have cover than open fields
  • If you get sniper and scope, you can act like king

Eliminate Closer Enemies ASAP

After landing , don’t waste your time in searching and looting good guns for you. If three enemies are closer to you , then kill then as soon as possible,because they don’t have guns. Else they will get a guns and they will kill you .

Loot and Find a Vehicle

Now when area is clean ,you should loot and get better guns and equipment . After that you should search for a vehicle to go. You can go somewhere in less time and it also acts act a cover. Every  pro pubg player  and top pubg player  keep a vehicle with them . You can crush enemies with vehicles .

Increase Your Movements in Game

Do you know that if you move normally, people will say that you are a bot . If you got killed in match and you blame that I got stuck by car,wall or a stone , so I was killed. Stop crying for that and have some awesome movements. Follow pro tips  below :

Don’t Stand on a Place

Always try to move ,even while shooting enemies ,because its easy to shoot an stationary body than moving body. You will get more shots and probably head-shot . Moving here and there can avoid you from shots.

Keep Changing Sensitivity Settings

Better sensitivity,better response time . This plays an important role in game play . You can’t move ,jump or loot perfectly if you have bad sensitivity .  Best tip is to play at high sensitivity settings as it will take less time .

Practice Habit of Jump and Crouch

Instead of doing regular movements, try jump and crouch to get in buildings,crossing walls and small obstacles.  Jump few meters away and cross wall . Jump before window and crouch to get in the building .  This is very helpful while you are fighting with enemy .

Find Tricky Spots to Jump and Climb

Do you know that you can climb to roof of some buildings via doors ? Yes it is possible. You can move on the side of walls at different heights. Even you can jump to ground without stepping down via stairs .

You can search  pubg mobile climbing buildings, climbing up bridge pubgedge climbing pubg , pubg mobile wall climbing  etc on YouTube.

Always Close Doors Behind You

This is one of the best practice . If you closed doors behind you , you will get following advantages :

  • Give a basic cover
  • Enemy will spend a little amount of time to open door.
  • Prevent grenades to come in
  • You can spoof enemies and kill them from backside

Auto Pickup of Guns Attachments Bullets and Grenades

You should customize pickups of guns and attachments. You should make a self strategies of these things. For example : Pickup 3 First aid kits, 180 ammo of AR and SMG gun, 2 smoke grenade, 4 frag grenades, at least keep 1 stun grenade. Limit the pickup of scopes  for the guns to one only. This will free up space in your bag and you can pick more bandagespain killersenergy drinks. They don’t acquire more space and are used frequently.

Campers are Everywhere

We know about campers and snakes in the game. Make sure that you don’t go like a normal person everywhere . As I told you, you should always make movements. Don’t be still in a position. Pin a grenade and cancel it , campers start moving and they give footsteps.

Spectate Opponents After They Kill You

When you are killed by opponents , spectates opponents who have high kills. This will help you to learn new strategies. Try to follow them and improve your gaming skills. Sometimes opponents use hacks in the game . Watch them how they are killing.

If you want to know how to be safe from hackers in pubg , just do a comment below.

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Pro Aiming Tips for PUBG Mobile

If you don’t want to waste ammo to kill enemies, you should have a good aiming . You will have more accurate shots and will use less amount of ammo. So follow the pro aiming tips give below

Turn on Aim Assist

When you use red dot scope or holographic scope in gun and  open scope to fire on enemies ,then aim assist  help you connecting shots more precisely . If bullets are closer to enemy ,then aim assist will connect that shot to enemy and he will get damage . So its better practice to use aim assist .

Open settings > Basic settings > Turn on aim assist

 Turn on Peek Option

Peek and Fire  is one of the important feature of aiming. It helps to more precise aim, reduce recoil and provide a little cover on your body. Its simply bend your head to left side or right side ,so it helps to see in corners .

Open settings > Basic settings > Turn on peek

Keep Changing Sensitivity

Sensitivity is also a big factor for good aiming. It determines how much amount of screen is scrolled when you move finger on screen. Screen will shake that cause bad aiming. As a result you will be killed. Keep changing sensitivity according to your taste.

Adjust Game Layout

Game layout depends on with how many finger you will play the game . Some people use two finger layout , three finger layout , four finger layout ,  six finger layout  etc. So you will use two,three or more fingers to play. So for better aiming and movement , always use three or four finger on small screens. If you have tablet ,you can use you six fingers to play. You can copy other’s layout and practice on them.

Practice in Training Mode

Now you have better sensitivity and good game layout, you should practice it. It will help to have a muscle memory of layout in game. Improve you aiming and recoil control using different guns and scopes . Boards are placed on different distance ,practice on each on them.

PUBG Mobile Tips

Find High Location for Sniping

Always find a high spot to snipe enemies. You will enjoy wide view in different angles that will help to spot enemies easily. You can look after each movement of enemies and can move left or right to kill them. People on lower spots don’t know that from which side upper enemy will shoot ,so they are in defensive mode.

Use Gyroscope to aim down

Shooting continuously on enemies cause your aim to move upwards. You have to move cross-hair down and aim again. It takes a little bit of time . Gyroscope help to quick move cross-hair to center and you can easily aim on target. It also helps in reducing recoil of gun.

Pubg Fighting Tips to Be a Pro Player

Every time when you rush on a squad, you should take care of some small tips. How enemy is attacking, how they are coming, no of opponents, which gun the are using etc. So its really important to inspect condition and implement strategies.

Cover Yourself if Getting Shots

If you are moving and suddenly someone starts shoots, take cover as soon as possible. Don’t try to do shoot back at that time because u already getting damage. After getting proper obstacle in front of you. Find a view and fire back.

 Avoid Exposure in Open Places

Don’t move in straight line or move in open place. Try to get in covers. Suppose you have to go to third building, enter in first ,then enter in second,after that enter in third building. Enemies can shoot you from windows,so if you are getting shots,you can quickly hide and after that kill them.

Use Vehicles as Cover

Vehicles are best cover in open fields and last zone. Get behind vehicle to shoot and heal. If fire catches in vehicle, explode it. You can make it cover. Vehicles are also used to block bridge. Enemy will slow down car . You can kill them easily.

Blow Up Enemy’s Car

Many times all teammates are in same car. If you and your teammates are successful in banging car, you will kill whole squad. Vehicle explosion gives a lot of damage, even take whole HP. If you are some distance from it, you can heal.

  • If car in coming towards you, try to kill driver. Car will stop, then bang the car.
  • If car is going away from you,then puncture the car .
  • If car is moving horizontally ,then fire shots in front of car.

Increase Use of Grenades

There are three types of grenades in pubg mobile . Use each of them in different situations. They are Frag GrenadeSmoke Grenade, Stun Grenade and Molotov Cocktail. Now see how to use them :

Frag Grenade

Frag grenades are used for explosion. They give a high amount of damage even can kill whole squad. Carefully hear the footsteps and throw grenades. You can also throw grenades to wall, it will reflect to other side . But be careful,it can comeback to you.

Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades make smoke in a given area. You cannot see through it, but bullets can travel. You can use it to make cover in open fields ,for looting drops . They are also useful in close range fights ,like enemy will empty mag,then you start firing and kill them.

Stun Grenade

Stun Grenades are used to blind enemies. It will also blind you if you use on yourself. Suppose you have to rush on a house and they are camping on stairs. Either you can through frag grenades and kill them,else blind them with stun. They will not see you .

Molotov Cocktail

Molotov is used to burn enemies. It gives high and continuous damage to enemies. It makes fire on ground,if enemy or you go through it,you will get damage. You can use it to block path and also to kill .

Jump and Crouch to Avoid Shots

Many players try to shoot on head, so crouch down and shoot them. In this you will get less damage . Sometimes snakes shoot you from ground, so jump here and there and shoot on them. Their shots will not be connected to you. They cannot move cross-hair horizontally too much.

a sniper in pubg

Prone Then Shoot

Sometimes its a good practice to prone in pubg mobile. If enemy is coming from front ,you can connect every shot to him.  Half of their mag will be emptied in air. Be careful , you cannot kill them every time.

Flank and Get Closer To Enemy

As I told you earlier, don’t go in a straight line. Go through buildings and covers to go closer. You can take a long route from left or right side. It is a good practice to kill a squad.

Some More Important Pro Tip

In above lines , I have told you a lot of tips ,but still many precautions left. you should follow them too. There are thousands of tips and tricks which you can follow,even you can make. Lets explore them.

Coordinate with teammates

Making co-ordination with teammates is very important. My suggestion is that play with your teammates only. Also Many times it happens that random teammates are not good and they spoil your game. If you don’t like to play with team, play solo vs squad matches.

Mute Annoying Teammates

If you don’t like any noise in game, mute annoying teammates. They make a lot of sounds,so it makes game bad. They seems like an old machine . So mute them and play well.

Keep Speaker to All

Many people open their mic to all in plane and they forget to turn off it. So you can take advantage of that. You can listen their talks if they come closer to you. Sometimes people use it to trick enemies. So think before taking action.

Heal in Bushes, Behind Covers

Don’t heal in a open place. Hide in Bushes or behind cover. Because you already have low HP and if will be knocked in few shots. Normally people don’t see bushes. You can do camping there in open fields.

Don’t Shoot Unnecessary

If you are shooting without a reason , it will give marks to enemies . Maybe its possible more than one squad come. You will be sandwiched. Maybe there is a camper . So be careful.

Try to Get Level 3 Equipment

There are three types of equipment for to get bear more damage .

  • Helmets : To cover player’s head.
  • Vest : To cover body.
  • Bags : To collect items.

Each type of equipment have three levelsLevel 1, level 2 and level 3 . You should prefer big level of equipment rather that low level. They give more protection , so collect them.

Use Good Headphones

We know that pubg mobile have 3D sound . If your headphone don’t support you cannot hear footsteps clearly. As a result you will be killed. Because good headphones have virtual sound effects . if you buying new headphones, first of all check its support 3D sounds or not.

Redeem Pubg Mobile Skins

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Here are the Pro Tips and Tricks of pubg mobile . Still I have left a lot of points , if you want then I can make Part 2 of this article. Tell me how the article in in comment box. Please share article to your friends on social media so that they can get also be a Pro pubg player



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