Monday, July 26th, 2021

Receives an updated board view similar to Microsoft Outlook’s Calendar Trolley

Microsoft Outlook gets an updated calendar display, the first major transformation of the tool since the integration of Sunrise and Wonderlist, starting with the web client. The look of the new Outlook calendar comes with a board view, which is very similar to the popular workflow management tool Trello. It allows you to organize multiple calendars, tasks, goals, notes, links, reminders and more. In addition, Microsoft has made it easy to schedule meetings with the help of its scheduling assistant in Outlook for Android and iOS.

Announcing the new board calendar display for Microsoft Outlook, Gabriel Valdes, Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft Outlook, wrote in a blog post, “On average, people use 6 tools to track all the things they need to do. It’s a lot of environment change, back and forth, and even double tracking. It is clear that you live your life beyond the stage of your traditional calendar – those 30 minute spaces are not enough for everything you need to do, monitor or achieve. It should be a great way to manage your most important and urgent things in one place because you want to organize it in the way you want, in an easy to use, visual way. ”

The new Outlook Calendar board view aims to provide users with a Cannon-style “free form, ever expanding panel” that will help you narrow down your calendar and reduce the time and effort required to switch between applications. The new Outlook Calendar Board Display helps you add new info cards to make meetings and your calendar easier. You can set files, notes, objectives and reminder cards according to the time and date you want. It expands the calendar you need and focuses everything on keeping your calendar clean and up to date.

Outlook Calendar Board View Switch Microsoft Microsoft

Switching to board view in Outlook’s calendar is easy
Photo credit: Microsoft

As mentioned, the on-board calendar update will first be available for Microsoft Outlook on the Internet, while business and education users will receive this feature. The Outlook app for Windows or Mac has no indication of when the board view will come on, or lead to mobile apps.

Another important update that Microsoft is planning for Outlook is its ability to help schedule meetings on the mobile app for Android and iOS. Starting this month, Outlook will recommend the application to reduce conflict once it has scheduled a meeting of a specific duration and duration. “If Outlook can’t find a slot that works for everyone, it will suggest times when your participants are free and you can move or skip another event to accommodate. If you decide to schedule a meeting based on another commitment, Outlook will help you resolve your conflict, ”the blog post added.

The new Outlook for Android and iOS scheduling assistant feature will be available to all business and education users starting at the end of March.

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