Monday, July 26th, 2021

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Initially only web and desktop versions

Prior to the launch for Android and iPhone users, WhatsApp was expected to be the first beta on WhatsApp web, desktop and portal clients, according to a report. This will allow those who use the instant messaging app in a small group to test the new development before it reaches the masses. Multi-device support on WhatsApp has been a part of the rumor mill for some time. WhatsApp chairman Will Godcard and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed its presence in a conversation with Beta Tracker earlier this month.

WABetaInfo has released a screen shot that suggests pre-release multiple device support on WhatsApp for the WhatsApp web, desktop and Facebook portal. After linking accounts with the web, desktop and portal, the screen shot says that users no longer need to be online on their phones. WhatsApp Beta Tracker reports that up to four additional devices with one phone can be used simultaneously with multiple device support. This means that the new offer will allow users to connect up to five devices to WhatsApp simultaneously.

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Web Desktop Beta Screenshot wabetainfo WhatsApp

WhatsApp first brings its multi-device support to web, desktop and portal users
Photo credit: WABetaInfo

Users will not be able to communicate with users of outdated versions of WhatsApp on their phones (no message or call). This suggests that both parties will need the latest version of the app to run multiple device support. This can cause problems for those who are unable to get the updated version of WhatsApp on their devices due to the dated operating system.

The screenshot shared by WABetaInfo also includes the point that multi-device support initially affects “performance and quality”. However, early defects are likely to be corrected over time. WhatsApp is also speculated to allow its users to run multiple device support from the end on Android and iPhone devices. This will expand the scope of the new experience and will be useful for those who want to stay connected to WhatsApp regardless of the device they are carrying.

Earlier this month, Will Godcard and Mark Zuckerberg talked about support for multiple devices in a reported conversation with WABetaInfo. Executives suggested it could be introduced within two months. However, this experience has been rumored since at least April 2020.


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